Union Symphony League


What is the Union Symphony League?

The Union Symphony League (USL) is a glad addition to the vibrant cultural life of Union County. Formed as a subsidiary of the Union Symphony Society, Inc. (USSI), the USL has a two-pronged focus: 1) to organize and execute events designed to promote the social and cultural life of Union Symphony, and 2) to assist in the fundraising efforts of the USSI.

Is membership to the USL by invitation only?

Absolutely not! Please contact the symphony office if you are interested at 704-283-2525.

Can you tell me more about what this entails?

Many different skills and interests are utilized to make the work of the USL a success. Planning, organizing, publicity and execution form the root of any event.

Symphony of Holiday Homes
The Symphony League celebrates Union Symphony Society’s many years of service to this region with hosting this holiday extravaganza which features some of Monroe vicinity’s most attractive and gaily decorated homes. From whimsical to Victorian, the homes will give you breathtaking moments of beauty and interesting ideas for home decoration.

Patrons Reception
USL annually hosts a reception in appreciation of supporting patrons for their ongoing support of Union Symphony.

Symphony of Flowers Garden Tour
The USL features experienced gardens that contain flowers and/or vegetables with unique features such as effective use of planting in pots, beekeeping and a garden art studio. Musical performances by Union Symphony are provided and works by local artists are on display in select gardens.