Union Symphony Spotlights David Brandt

Union Symphony Photographer
David Brandt

Union Symphony thanks photographer David Brandt for telling our story and capturing all our special moments.

“I really didn’t get into photography, photography got into me. The same with music. Thanks to my parents I was exposed to both at a very early age. My Dad always had a camera in hand during vacations and family gatherings and both of my parents encouraged my sisters and me to learn how to play a musical instrument starting in the 4th grade.

My musical journey ended after high school but not before I was able to develop an immense appreciation for music. My personal photography journey started after college when my parents gave me my first 35mm camera and continues today as a true passion.

I care so much about both of these art forms simply because by developing photography skills it changes the way you see things and the appreciation and exposure to a variety of music changes the way you hear things. Photographing the Union Symphony Orchestra has allowed me to experience the emotion of amazingly expressive music played by incredible artists while at the same time capturing and preserving that emotion with the click of the shutter forever. It’s the best of both worlds!” — David Brandt

See some of David’s favorite Union Symphony photos.