Photos of Downtown at the Dowd With Union Jazz

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PC: David Brandt
Union Jazz, joined by vocal artist, Theresa Eaman, performed repertoire including classic and traditional selections to more explorative pieces from the modern jazz era. Union Jazz, under the direction of music director, Dennis Contreras, bass; featured Matt Postle, trumpet; David Lail, sax; Chris Jones, guitar; Lovell Bradford, piano; and Trevor Cook, vibes. This concert was filmed by Chain Reaction Studios at the City of Monroe Dowd Center Theatre.
A preshow in the gallery, featuring Aaron Carlisle, guitar, was enjoyed by guests.


Details are subject to change. Check the website for updates. 

Thank you to our Season Partner, Union County Community Arts Council.

Union Symphony is pleased to have the support of The Braswell Trust, City of Monroe, The Dowd Foundation, Union County Community Foundation, Union County Public Schools and Wingate University.

For a complete list of our partners and patrons, please view our membership page.