Pedro Falcón

Pedro Falcón is a young oboist, who developed his musical skills in El Sistema in Venezuela. At the age of 22, he won the first chair of the oboe section in the Falcon Symphony Orchestra, one of the most important orchestras in Venezuela.

Pedro is passionate about teaching music to young children. Pedro was a teacher at the Santa Ana Conservatory of Music 2006-2015, where he developed an extensive pedagogical activity in which he participated in the creation of the nucleus. Pedro was a teacher in the innovative program serving jail populations started by El Sistema: this experience gave him the vision that music can be taught even in the most challenging places. Pedro conducted sectional workshops for the Falcon Youth Symphony Orchestra from El Sistema 2006-2015.

When Pedro participated in El Sistema, he took oboe lessons and masterclasses with Livio Varcol, Guido Ghetti, Andreas Wittmann, Augusto Loppi, David Walter, Olivier Doise, Diethelm Jonas, Andrés Eloy Medina, Víctor Morles, Julián Ramos, and Maurice Bourgue. In 2017, he participated in a masterclass with the famous oboist Alex Klein at the International Double Reed Society Conference. In 2018, he participated in oboe masterclasses with Sherry Sylar, Stephen Colburn, and Lisa Kozenko at the Chicago Double Reed Festival.

Pedro was the first oboist in the St. Joseph Municipal Band 2016–2019. Pedro also participated as the first oboe for the Citadel Dance & Music Center in St. Joseph, Michigan.

Pedro received his degree in music performance with Jennet Ingle at Andrews University. Currently, Pedro is pursuing a Doctoral degree in Musical Arts with Dr. Rebecca Nagel at University of South Carolina. He has participated in masterclasses with Elizabeth Koch Tiscione and Katherine Needleman. Pedro Falcón is a member of the International Double Reed Society.