Coffee and Danish Photos

Under the baton of Richard Rosenberg, the Union Symphony Orchestra performed their spring concert on Friday at The Batte Center, Wingate University.

“Cities and towns around the country are losing their symphony orchestras. The Union Symphony Orchestra put 73 professional, dedicated musicians on the stage at The Batte Center at Wingate University…and a first class artistic director, Richard Rosenberg. As I listened with friends, my mind drifted to 1971 when I was first introduced to Mozart, Schubert, Mahler and others flying in a helicopter over Vietnam. Makes me smile to this day. We are so blessed to have our symphony orchestra and the youth orchestra.

How can we support classically trained musicians? If you heard tomorrow that their end was coming, what would you do? I’d fight. But let’s not wait.” —Jim Black

photos: Jim Black, Land of the Waxhaws