Art, Music and Film

Deanna Tham, Music Director

Larsen, Brass Flight
Martinu, La Revue de Cuisine
Francaix, Serenade for small orchestra
Golijov, Last Round
Danner, Costumes of the Sky

Model, One Week (Silent Film with live musical score feat. Buster Keaton)

We’re pleased to contribute to this year’s Monroe Art Walk to present a variety of painterly works that are sure to have you seeing colors. Libby Larsen opens the concert with an exploration of light for brass ensemble. Bohuslav Martinu takes in jazz influence for his quirky and endearing ballet about the escapades of kitchen utensils. Impressionist blues and greens fill the stage in Jean Francaix’s Serenade for small orchestra, followed by impassioned and fiery reds in Osvaldo Golijov’s Last Round — a tango-esque tribute to boxer Julio Cortazar and composer Astor Piazzolla.

American Greg Danner experiments with the entire palette of the orchestra in his tone poem, Costumes of the Sky. Based on Clara Cox Epperson’s poem Costumes of the Sky, it is a celebration of nature that casts the celestial bodies into roles personifying the themes of renewal and rebirth. The sky, a compassionate presence sheltering the earth, “flings her canopy of stars over the suffering world” at day’s end, in preparation for a “restful, dreamful Night.” At dawn, the sky wakes the world with the “coming of her lover Sun” and the cycle begins anew.

Finally, we are pleased to offer a special presentation of the Buster Keaton silent film, One Week. Ben Model, silent film scholar, improvisor, organist, and composer extraordinaire, has written an original score for this slapstick classic. You’ll laugh, gasp, and be immersed in the amusing and witty world of the early film era.



Thank you to our Season Partner, Union County Community Arts Council.

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